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Dance styles for individual styles.

Shaftesbury Dance covers possibly the widest range of dance styles in the area. The styles we teach are tailored to suit the individual need or request. With so many styles to choose from, which one do you learn first?

Don’t worry if you are unsure of which style to choose, we can help to point you in the right direction. You can find that one style will often help you to learn another dance/style, more quickly. Why not try them all and see which you like? Just because it is not listed here it does not mean we don't do it!

The dance styles are grouped into various styles, including:


Formerly known as Disco Dance, Freestyle Dance is a favourite amongst children. This solo style involves creative choreography to modern music.

Street/Hip Hop.

This style was born in New York and involves dancing to the aggressive music of the day. “Street” is actually the style of dance, where as “Hip Hop” is the music.

Traditional Ballroom.

As the name suggests, this is a very traditional form of dance. This style of dance is one of the regular styles seen on “Strictly”, and includes The Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango and Viennese Waltz.


This includes the  Rumba  (1931) and the Cha Cha Cha  (1950's) which both derive from Cuban Dances. The Samba goes back to 1905 when the Maxixe arrived and became the basis of the Samba from Brazil. The Paso Doble came from Spain in 1920's where the man is the matodor and the Lady being the cape (and not any many people seem to think the Bull!!) to name a few and not forgetting the Jive.

Modern Sequence.

1947 brought with it the Square Tango, there were too many people wanting to dance at the same time and kept bumping into each other so popular Sequence Dancing was born.

 Popular sequence dances include Mayfair Quickstep and Sallyanne Cha Cha, but our library includes about 3000 different dances to choose from.


Theatre subjects we teach:


Ballet is a beautiful style that is enjoyed by many and suitable for all ages. At Shaftesbury Dance, we teach both children and adults, and nurture talent in all our pupils. Especially for very young children, Ballet helps with posture, control and co-ordination, as well as maintaining suppleness and balance.


Tap Dancing is both challenging yet rewarding, and is enjoyed by both children and adults. It is perfect for developing timing, co-ordination, balance and stamina for all students, be it for fun or for examinations. 



Specialist Dances/Classes we teach:

  • Argentine Tango, from the bars of Buenos Aries.
  • Modern Jive. Alternative names are Le Roc and Ceroc, but all are based on similar dance principles. 
  • Rock n Roll. This style was made famous by Bill Hayley in 1954, with the tune "Rock Around The Clock", and remains popular with all age groups.
  • American Smooth.
  • And other exercise classes.


Make your first dance a memorable one!

As well as wedding / celebration dances - Your first dance together as partners for life is an important event and with a little effort can be turned into something memorable. You choose the song and we will choreograph and teach you a dance personal to you to perform at your reception / party.

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