Dance Classes.

Children Dance Classes

Our Children Dance Classes


Have you ever noticed that when your child’s favorite tune is played, they just want to dance? They may swing their arms or run around as if possessed. Music and dance, to a child, are the same. They can’t hear one without doing the other.

Our children’s dance classes are designed to allow your child to express themselves though music. It also helps to focus their abundant source of energy.

By dancing along side other children, your child experiences social interaction. This helps to build self-confidence and teamwork.

Our goal is to encourage the children we teach to aim for grade examinations conducted by the International Dance Teachers Association (I.D.T.A.).

There is no better feeling, than seeing the look of accomplishment and joy on the face of a child, when he/she receives an I.D.T.A. award.

School plays/shows, theatre dance productions & amateur dramatics all benefit from diversity in dance.

Dancing, for a child, can be the ultimate confidence booster. If they feel confident in their own ability, they can feel confidence in other life areas.

We provide opportunities to take part in competitions and demonstrations throughout the year.

Dance parties also available on request.


Adult Classes

Our Adult Dance Classes


Adults mainly join to be able to dance at social events and acquire the skill of moving around the floor inconspicuously. However, some adults desire a higher level of achievement and this can be catered for.

Group classes: Learn with people who are at your level.

Individual tuition: One to one with Bryl and/or, with one of his professionally trained assistants. Just you and the teacher. A more intense, focused approach, designed for those who want to refine their technique. You decide the lesson plan.

Wedding Dances: So the Big Day approaches and you still don’t know your right from your left? Don’t worry, we specialize in Wedding Dances. You can gracefully glide and slide to your favorite song. Release your inner confidence and make that first special dance together really special.

Dinner Dance/Social events etc: Events like these, can be rather daunting, especially if you are expected to dance. Our teachers can help you gain the confidence to get up and dance!

Student dance teachers and dance professionals can also benefit from our experience. Be it in assisting with current dance projects or gaining professional qualifications though the I.D.T.A., the Worlds largest dance teaching organization.

You could say, we teach the teachers.


Wedding Dance

Our Wedding Dance packages


We would like to offer you the opportunity to take advantage of our wedding dance package.

Make sure your first dance together is a memorable moment that goes with a swing!

Surprise everyone at your wedding with your new dancing ability.

The package includes choreography specifically for you, to the music of your choice and two hours professional tuition.

You obviously want to make your first dance together as husband and wife something special.

The package includes choreography specifically designed for you, to the music of your choice with two hours professional tuition and costs £95 inclusive (vouchers available).

We ask that you send us a copy of the music you wish to dance to either by e-mail or on a disc.

Once we have the music we will book your first lesson. We usually recommend that you have your first lesson 6 - 8 weeks before your wedding so there is plenty of time to have your second lesson - most people find this is enough but you can always book more if you feel you would like extra practice with your teacher (cost of £32 per hour).

If time is short, you can always book the two hours together. It is not a problem, as very often it may be a last minute decision.

If you have any queries, feel free to get in touch.